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The metal in the nose bridge will catch fire. Instead - gently hand-wash with laundry detergent and water, and hang to dry.

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Courtesy of our source, Smart Air

COURTESY: SmartAirFilters.com


We believe our hand-made masks (when properly used with filters) to be 90-95% effective at protecting against the inhalation of viral bacteria. Here's why:

FACE MASKS: The double-layered cotton or cotton-blend face masks are by themselves around 70% effective (even without a filter inside) at filtering out micron-1 particles (like this SARS virion which causes coronavirus - source).

DISPOSABLE FILTERS: Our disposable filters (sized & carefully hand-cut in highly-disinfected home environments - Made from Blue Shop Towels - and are by themselves 87% effective at filtering out viral particles (source).

Based on the latest research of the most effective "found" materials for filtering out viral particles (see our source here).

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Combine the two together (handmade mask and disposable filter inside) - and effectiveness of this 4-layer combination over your mouth and nose likely provides a combined 90-95% protection at filtering out the viral bacteria in the air... and is still nicely "breathable."

Compare this to surgical masks, which are shown to be 97% effective. So handmade masks & filters like ours, when used properly, are an excellent combination of protection - and all using locally found non-medical materials!

Read directly from our SOURCE about the research done on household materials for face masks here. 

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DISCLAIMER: Handmade faces masks are NOT as effective as surgical masks or N-95 respirators at protecting against viral contamination. Our hand-made products are NOT medically tested or approved, and they are NOT guaranteed to protect you from viral contamination.