#USAProud & Perfectly Imperfect



On March 16th, 2020 our parties & events business (ArtsyEvents.com and BestPartyArtists.com) came to a screeching halt - and we were forced to lay off 80% of our office team and cancel all upcoming events for the next couple months on our calendar.

After a few days of stunned frustration, we gathered our wits and our hope - and decided to re-activate our wide network of party artists and craftspeople. But this time to join the fight together against the spread of this virus in our country! 

We are #USAProud. 

This "hand-made protective face masks & filters" project exists to:

1. Provide the best protection we can (with locally found materials) for our city's most at-risk workers and families. Save the medical-grade PPE for the hospitals!

2. Provide a way to keep our local gig-economy workers earning a living from home during this season of social distancing. Buy from us to keep the movement going :)

Every purchase keeps a local artisan working working from home, bolsters our hurting local economy, and helps protect a citizen from this pandemic. Join the fight with us today!

With love, prayers, and lots of hope...

-Sean Hyatt, Founder & Lead Artist

Why to wear masks - use the urine test